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Pannel Replacement

Replacing outdated panels are far more important than just making your home look more modern. Older electrical panels can cause serious danger to your loved ones or home and updating them over the years is vital to keeping your home safe. GIANT employs the best professionals to ensure your panel replacement is handled to the highest standard available and we work with our customers to develop the best plan for your situation.

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Affordable Electric Panel Replacement

We offer affordable services and financing plans to allow our customers to keep their home safe without the tremendous costs other companies charge. Without comprising our integrity or professional service at GIANT, we aim to provide our customers with valued solutions that will save you money.


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Craig Marshall

Went to turn on the AC and it was blowing hot air all day. I called these guys to schedule a maintenance check and they came a few hours later. They were in and out and my AC is working fine now. 5 stars, would highly recommend!!!

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