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GIANT has partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to provide top of the line thermostats for our customers. Whether you are looking to purchase a new thermostat or service an existing one GIANT is your one stop shop for all your electrical needs!

  • Reduce Heating/Cooling Cost

  • Routine Maintenance

  • Professional Installation

Companies We Work With

Products We Service & Maintain

Customized Temperature Control

Have full control of your house’s temperature anytime. With all of thermostats we offer at GIANT you can be assured there is a always a setting to fit your need.

Learn More about Installing a Smart Thermostat in Your Chicago Home!

Our thermostats are not just limited to adjusting temperatures! Get in touch with a GIANT representative today to learn about all the functionalities our smart thermostats have to offer!


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Craig Marshall

Went to turn on the AC and it was blowing hot air all day. I called these guys to schedule a maintenance check and they came a few hours later. They were in and out and my AC is working fine now. 5 stars, would highly recommend!!!

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