Did you know that there are four primary categories of metal fabrication that cover the majority of fabricating processes? Giant HVAC is a metal fabrication expert and regularly performs metal fabrication services in Chicago and nationally.

Let’s discuss these below.

1. Cutting
An important part in the majority of metal fabrication processes, cutting is a reductive process that removes metal material from a workpiece or divides it into smaller sections. And even though many projects call for stationary or rotating blades for cutting, multiple projects now call for more precise capabilities than what a simple cutting blade can offer. At Giant HVAC, we conduct precision cuts using precision laser cutting or precision plasma cutting.

2. Punching
What the punching process does is create holes in metal sheets using a mated die set. The work piece is then placed between the two halves of the punch tooling, where extreme force pushes the female and male tooling together to create a hole in the metal. Punch presses may create holes with numerous shapes and diameters, depending on the tooling design and tonnage. 

3. Bending
In this metal forming process, plate or sheet metal is manipulated and bent to a particular angle. A press brake uses a set of bottom tooling to apply up to 1,000 tons of pressure to a metal plate, and bends that plate to a bottom and top certain angle, according to the customer’s drawing. Our skilled professionals can produce a variety of component parts, including bump-formed segments, cone segments, square to round transitions, cylinder segments, formed angles, elbow transitions, and a whole lot more from a huge range of metal materials.

4. Welding
Welding is what fuses 2 or more pieces of metal by applying high heat and pressure sometimes. Numerous types of welding are available to accommodate almost any kind of metal. In addition, there are many types of welding processes used to fabricate custom metal products. 

At Giant HVAC, Inc., our welding capabilities include the following:
Our comprehensive sheet metal fabrication capabilities include laser cutting with fiber technology, automated full sheet punching, automated panel bending and CNC forming, robotic and manual welding, AWS certified structural welding, spot-welding, assembly, powder coating, and finishing. We work with numerous metals, including the most common materials: Carbon Steel (including cold-rolled, high strength, hot rolled) Aluminum Stainless Steel And we don’t just manufacture your products, we help our customers make them better. Our collaborative design services and rapid production capabilities ensure you’ll get better solutions, improved quality, performance, cosmetics, and reduced costs. We happily serve as the preferred contract manufacturer for hundreds of companies in dozens of industries.

Industries Served
Manufacturers in virtually every industry rely on some form of metal fabrication to produce goods. At Giant HVAC Inc., we work with customers across the following industries:
OEM Manufacturers
Oil and Gas