1.- Replace air filter with standard 1" filter or clean
2.- Inspect for combustible material around furnace
3.- Thermostat - test for proper operation
4.- Ignition system - test for safe & proper operation
5.- Check for proper exhaust venting
6.- Test Safety & Control Circuits
7.- Clean and inspect burners
8.- Inspect heat exchanger and clean if necessary
9.- Clean flame sensor or pilot

10-. Test capacitors
11.- Measure and adjust gas pressure
12.- Check for natural gas leaks
13.- Inspect combustion air vents
14.- Electrical wiring - inspect and tighten connections
15.- Blower motor - check amps and blower wheel
16.- Measure supply/return temperature differential
17.- Test for carbon monoxide around furnace & from air stream
18.- Check smoke detector & carbon monoxide detector operation

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