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Niles Township was incorporated in 1850. The only doctor in the area was Theo Hoffman who arrived in about 1850. The Dannish, Bohemian, Polish, and English immigrants filtered into Dutchman’s point around 1870. At the time of incorporation in August 1899, John Huntington was elected the first mayor with a population of 500 people. By 1920, the village was at a population of 1,200 people. Niles history goes back before its incorporation in 1899. It was first settled by Potawatomi Indians in the 1700s. The first pioneers were mainly German, settling in this area because of the rich farmland and its low cost. The village expanded by annexing an unincorporated area that became Golf Mill Shopping Center dedicated in 1959. With a new village administration building, a new Family Fitness and Senior Center, expansion of the library, and the Niles Middle school (known as Culver), Niles has continued to progress within the community.

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