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Renowned today for being a study in community ingenuity, the Village of Rosemont’s heritage and beginnings were much more humble. Even though the unincorporated area of Leyden Township was nearly unpopulated in the 1830’s, it was an important crossroads and River Road was a thoroughfare of sorts for pioneers on their journeys westward. The village offers superior services and low taxes to its citizens. An average 75,000 – 100,000 visitors are welcomed and served daily by the Village of Rosemont IL, with its population of 4,202, and more than 60,000 employees commute to Rosemont daily to work at all kinds of organizations, from small hometown shops to multinational corporate headquarters. When the group of homeowners met in 1956, to vote on the incorporation of the town, Don Stephens, a young husband and father himself, was the easy choice for president. Members of the resourceful group placed suggested names of the new municipality in a hat. The name pulled was Rosemont, and what would become a remarkable town was born.

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