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The City of Northlake IL was developed in an area along Addison Creek. Incorporated July 19, 1949, Northlake had a population of 3,000. The name “Northlake” came from the City’s main thoroughfares, North Avenue and Lake Street, which converge at a 45 degree angle at the western edge of the City. The most recent census count (year 2010) is 12,375. Within the past ten years, the City has grown and progressed greatly. An agreement with Melrose Park and six other communities brought Chicago water to Northlake by constructing a new water line from the City of Chicago. This project, one of the largest Public Works projects in the western suburbs, has insured that Northlake will have a safe, reliable source of water for years to come. Today, improvements to infrastructure will continue with the replacement of water mains, replacement of several water valves and continued replacement and fill-in of sidewalks, where needed.

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