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Norridge is on a ridge that divides the Chicago River valley and the Des Plaines River Valley. It was incorporated on Dec 4, 1948. The name “Norridge” was suggested by resident Mrs. Link, “Nor” from Norwood Park Township and “Ridge” from the nearby suburb of Park Ridge, and joining them together to make the name Norridge. This Village of “Norridge” is the only community in the world named Norridge. At the last census in 2000 it was 14,582. The village infrastructure covers an area of two square miles. It has 31.65 miles of streets, 55 miles of sidewalks and over 4900 homes. In the early nineteen hundreds, the area that is now Norridge had many small truck farms and in the early thirties and forties had many riding stables because of the proximity to the Forest Preserves. All of these were displaced in the late forties & fifties when the land was developed for homes and some light industries.

Norridge IL Furnace and Boiler Repair

Giant HVAC serves the Norridge IL residents with care:
• furnace and boiler repair Norridge IL
• plumbing repair
• sewer repair
• appliance repair
• refrigeration repair
• AC repair.

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