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How to Properly Dispose of an Old Air Filter

Your home air filter is perhaps one of the most important parts of your HVAC system. So many of the issues that could cause your system to slow down or stop working entirely can be attributed, at least partially, to an old or clogged air filter, so regularly changing your filter is an important part […]

What’s the Difference Between Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers? Part 2

Air Purifiers People who are concerned about the ravages of living allergens would be wise to invest in an air purifier instead of an air cleaner. How do air purifiers work? Air purifiers rely on UV (ultraviolet) light to kill or deactivate microbial life. Installed on or near the HVAC air handler, whole-house UV air […]

What’s the Difference Between Air Cleaners & Air Purifiers? Part 1

The terms air cleaner and air purifier are often used interchangeably, and each serves a similar purpose. But they rely on different filtering technologies to restore compromised indoor air quality, otherwise known as IAQ. Air cleaners and air purifiers come in two types, whole-house and portable. The portable one will filter the air in specific […]

5 Common Furnace Sounds

Furnaces shouldn’t be musical by any means, so it should be an immediate concern if they begin hollering and screaming. While your furnace can hit all sorts of noises, these 5 are definitely ones that will make you want to call an HVAC professional. Clicking: A clicking noise means that the spark igniter of your […]

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair or Replacement

There are many things that can go wrong with your furnace over the course of its life, but here are the most common problems, so you will be better prepared should they happen to you. Call our Chicago furnace repair experts if you notice any of the following problems: Thermostat Problems: First, if you have […]

Fall HVAC Maintenance Recommendations for Your Home

Be sure to perform your annual home fall HVAC maintenance to prep your home before the colder season. Here are some HVAC maintenance tips you can easily do yourself for your home before winter. First and most importantly, get your furnace and boiler inspected. Schedule an appointment with an HVAC expert to get your heating […]

Easy Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Easy Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your Home Our summer HVAC maintenance tips will help you keep your air conditioner in top shape. Don’t risk expensive breakdowns and sweltering heat indoors as you wait for help, be proactive with summer HVAC maintenance and reduce your risk of discomfort and malfunctions. Tune-UpTypically performed in the spring […]