Giant HVAC

If customers are complaining, this is bad, no matter how you think about it or look at it. When a customer complains, call giant HVAC in Chicago for an inspection. When you see ice on the exterior of the unit, the temperature inside may be off, and your unit may be lacking airflow or overloaded. If you have higher than normal energy costs, and your utility bills have increased, have your commercial refrigeration inspected right away. If your door does not close properly or at all, this can really impact the temperature of your food inside without the right seal. The door may also be warped too. Lastly, if it does not feel cold to you, the refrigeration or freezer is in need of repair or replacement service and/or you may need more refrigerant.

Signs Your Commercial HVAC Needs Repair

If workers and customers are complaining about it, this is the last thing you want. If you are getting complaint emails, letters or calls, then the next company you need to call immediately is your local commercial HVAC company, like Giant HVAC in Chicago. If you are experiencing any unpleasant smells, it means something unpleasant or rotten is happening with your HVAC system. Mildew, refrigerant, mold or a rotting critter may be the cause. If you see an increase in your utility bills, that is unexplained, it is often caused by an HVAC system working improperly or too hard because something is wrong. You should call your local commercial HVAC company to schedule a service inspection. When you have a noisy unit, when you hear it or it is making louder than typical noises, it is time to get a local HVAC repair company right away to diagnose the issue.